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Virginia HAYDEN
Qualified Health Professionals

“Now I feel I will definitely get better”

Ursula Rothamel
Qualified Health Professionals

“I have had a preliminary chat with Ursula, who speaks wonderful English. I will be making a full appointment with her as I find the Gupta Programme very helpful as a stress management tool and to calm my nervous system down. I feel I need one to one help to make further progress in reducing my adrenaline and Ursula seems to fit the bill. I can't rate properly for value for money or knowledge yet as I had a free introductory 15 minutes but will report back and change it accordingly if need be!”

Lorna Sturgis
Qualified Health Professionals

“Lorna combines her own experience, research and empathetic approach to provide a truly holistic and helpful service. I've spoken to Lorna quite a few times now, and each time has been comforting. I now feel much more positive, and it is really good to know there is someone to talk to who understands what I'm going through, and has found a positive route forward themselves. I'm still learning from Lorna, and hope to continue to do so until I'm well again. ”

Lisa Davlet
Qualified Health Professionals

“ Lisa Davlet was very helpful in opening gates to resources we did not know had existed. She keeps us up to date in autism treatment world and referred us to many good labs and doctors. We think she got a right approach in treating stress and depression by using naturopathic medicine, meditation and diet.”

Jacquie Eyre-Young
Qualified Health Professionals

“Very helpful, many thanks.”

Helen Adams
Qualified Health Professionals

““You have given me my life back, thank you so much for all you have done. I have so much more energy and I’m looking forward to doing things every day, rather than putting off anything that is ‘non-essential’ and counting the hours until I can sleep again”. ”

Mary Moloney
Qualified Health Professionals

“Mary made me feel very at ease and had understanding and compassion. After my initial call I left knowing what to do and try to improve my symptoms until our next call and have a sense of hope that I haven't had for a long time. Mary has a wealth of knowledge that she so easily shares with you as you go and gives little suggestions along the way. I'm very grateful and excited to see what happens health wise now. ”

Morena Magnanini
Qualified Health Professionals

“My initial consultation with Morena was wonderful. She is so knowledgeable. I have been a healthy eater for many many years and an ardent reader on all things connected to my health and I wasn't sure that she would be able to help very much but boy was I wrong!!! She has helped identify areas that I can adjust and explained why some of the things I have been doing are healthy but aren't necessary 'right' for my body. She made affordable adaptations to my regime and vitamin intake. So many of us with complex health issues struggle with finances but an hour spent with Morena is a great and wise investment as you may find , like I did, that the supplements and vitamins you are currently purchasing are not necessary nor helpful. Morena will help you make a tailor made protocol for you and your body. I am excited to see the progress we make together. Thank you Morena. ”

Ciaran Ryan
Qualified Health Professionals

“Working with Ciaran has been life-changing. I was able to heal my gut back to normal function with what he told me and now feel like a new person both physically and mentally. If you have any issues with your digestion I'd recommend working with Ciaran”

Kate ORiordan
Qualified Health Professionals

“Although I haven't been with Kate for very long, my association with her has been nothing but positive as my main problem has been with weight and also, due to being just into my 70s I have gained some really bad habits with regard to the type of food I was eating. In my first week I lost 6 lbs. and this is only due to Kate's knowledge and encouragement. She has suggested that I email her every week with weight results and I know that this will keep me on the straight and narrow. Kate has also sent me various tools to help me in my quest to improve my diet and for this I am really grateful to her. I would add here that I have found Kate extremely approachable and helpful; I know that I can contact her at any time and that she will be coming back to me with any advice that I may need at the time. With regard to her knowledge, she has helped me to readjust my thinking about food. I don't really know how this has happened so quickly but it is a great feeling and this has helped so much with my self confidence. I think the results so far speak for themselves. Yes, I do find this method expensive but what price do you put on health? I know that there are probably more expensive methods out there but to be honest, I think that the cost encourages me to make it work. But there again, cost is a relative thing and what one person might consider expensive, someone else may not. However, I am determined to make it work and I know that in this respect I am receiving value for money and I have no regrets at all. Kate has achieved the best and most positive attitude in my mind which has been sadly lacking for the past 20 years. Long may it continue.”

Emma Joy
Experienced patient

“Emma was very easy to understand, good listener and very compassionate.”

Isabelle Grote
Qualified Health Professionals

“I have been a Patient of Dr Grote's since 2004 and have also become a friend. I do not think it is too far a stretch to say she has probably been the single biggest influence on my physical and mental well being in those years.”

Dr Harpal Bains
Medical Doctor

“ My consultant at Harpal clinic was very understanding and gave me the respect as a patient. I was diagnosed with HIV some 10 years ago and hospitalised recently with stage 4 PCP which was life threatening and I was in IC for 12 days and remained in hospital for over a month. Recently I became very tired, severe headaches, dizzy spells and suffered from low esteem. I then stumbled across your website and signed up for a *6 week protocol of vitamin shots* and following this up with *IV drips*. I recently completed a 4000m incline run up mount Etna and felt so good after the event ( i used to compete as a long distance trail runner ). My mood swings have all gone, and the other issues have all gone. I wish I had found Harpal clinic sooner! I am really grateful to all the staff there for making me feel like a human being and treating me with kindness and compassion.”

Nathalie Gudgeon
Qualified Health Professionals

“Some people are blessed with an internal compass that allows them to naturally make the right choices around their health and vitality. For people like me who's compass had been out of wack, it is essential that we can find the people, tools and approaches that can help us get back on track. For me, that person was Nathalie as working with Nathalie on a one to one level has enabled me to reclaim my sense of agency around my health. Her ability to break down information that would otherwise be overwhelming is masterful and I really valued her honest & utterly practical approach that was utterly workable around my challenging schedule. I was really empowered and motivated to try new things from baking to making my own nut butters following her healthful demo-days that gave me a chance to ask questions, taste new flavors & see it being done. Packed lunches have never been the same again !”

Julie Poole
Qualified Health Professionals

“I've had CFS/ME for 5 years and became so intolerant to various foods that I was down to eating 9 foods by the end of last year. I was getting nowhere with conventional medicine and now struggling to tolerate nutritional supplements and healthy foods, then Julie was recommended to me by someone who had experienced similar problems. Within weeks of having sessions with Julie my energy levels improved dramatically as did my symptoms of brain fog. I am now a few months into sessions and I have been able to more than double the amount of foods I can eat. I have gone from being mostly housebound to going out at least once or twice a week. I can also walk around my garden regularly, hang out washing several time a week - I hadn't been able to do these things since a relapse I had 2 years previously. I have managed to start gentle yoga and now manage 40 minutes of yoga a day. My food intolerance symptoms could leave me almost bedbound they were, at times, so severe. I no longer get symptoms of this severity, no more headaches, no more feeling poisoned/hungover and no more increased fatigue levels after eating problem foods. If I do add a food back in which my body can't handle yet I have mostly mild symptoms, this in itself is a vast improvement. I am also at a point now that I am not so restricted or so fatigued that I have been able to go out for meals with friends and family. In addition to the improvements in my health condition and intolerance problems, I feel much more motivated, confident, strong, focused and have somehow through these sessions developed a different way of looking at life and how I plan to live the rest of it. I feel like I have had my eyes opened and whole lot of mental blocks, which I didn't know I had, have now been lifted and that the world is my oyster and there are a plethora of opportunities just waiting for me to grasp - things I never thought possible before, even before the onset of CFS/ME. I'm not sure how else to explain that last part, it may sound airy fairy and it has been an unexpected part of treatment for me but has really changed my whole perspective. Julie is extremely approachable and down to earth. I have undergone sessions via skype and initially wasn't sure if that may not be as effective as face to face but it has certainly worked for me. I cant recommend Julie and hypnotherapy enough. It has been instrumental in getting me well on the path to recovery.”

Ria Vervliet
Qualified Health Professionals

“I found Ria very approachable and sympathetic. She has a wide-ranging and in-depth knowledge, and I found our session very valuable. I can highly recommend her.”

Helen Halliday
Qualified Health Professionals

“I was impressed with Helen, she was friendly and open about her knowledge into ME/CFS and what she could offer and what was beyond her scope of practice. She gave a good concise review of what she can offer and made sensiable suggestions. I am keen when the time is right to book a full assessment”

Pamela Joy
Qualified Health Professionals

“I had a 1 hour telephone appointment with Pam in exchange for feedback. I found her to be very polite, knowledgeable and direct. She knew exactly what information she wanted etc. Initially I thought I was having 3 sessions as it was advertised as "Pam Joy is offering 3 free 1 hour sessions in exchange for feedback". As a result of this I arranged for blood tests to be done at my doctors and also paid for some private tests to be done. However, I then found out that it was actually an hour session for 3 people! Because of this misleading information I have deducted 1/2 a star. The information I received after my telephone appointment was very useful and full of information. I had some blood tests from about 4 months ago which I had sent to her, she interpreted these and made suggestions on possible areas that could be causing me issues. The only issue I had with the information I received was that I found it very hard to follow and use. Having Chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic migraine affects my ability to process & organise information. I felt that I still didn't know where to start. Obviously this is just a personal opinion because of my medical issues but I felt that the information needed to be done in a simpler way and in a step by step process for me. So that I could make changes or follow a process. For this reason I have deducted 1/2 a star. All in all Pam seemed really nice, knew what she was talking about and if I was closer and been able to have face to face contact (instead of a telephone appointment) she may have been able to offer me more help.”

Udi Gon-Paz
Qualified Health Professionals

“Udi knows what is talking about when it comes to health and likes to pass on his knowledge. He is very dedicated, caring and has a very personalised approach. He seems to have experience with physical, nutritional and emotional issues and this allowed me to get info and advice on how to achieve a balanced overall health. I would definitely recommend this adviser. ”

Donna Owens
Qualified Health Professionals

“Thank you Donna for giving me back so much hope :) I have been ill for a long time and have a lot of conditions including M.E. Donna is very knowledgeable, kind and understands M.E completely because she also suffers from it - which means she understands the importance of rest and healing, and how yoga and meditation ties into that. This illness is so hard to live with, and it is hard for others to fully understand so it can be very isolating not talking about how it really is (I often found even counselors couldn't really understand!) and I needed help to cope with it all - so it has helped my mental health a lot to be able to talk to Donna because she understands completely and can guide me - helping me to accept my body, as well as how I can learn to cope with and work with my body as it is now. Although I have severe M.E, Donna was able to suggest gentle yoga for me to do and gentle stretches, which has already helped the pain in my legs! I can't leave the house very much or move around much, so focusing on meditation, relaxation, and gentle yoga in bed has been wonderful for me. She also provides a yoga/meditation plan and notes to help with healing, in between sessions which helps so much if I forget anything that we talked about during the session. Her advice about at home retreats has been amazing too! I am looking forward to where my healing journey will take me, and hopeful about the changes Donna is helping me with”

Daria Estrada Garcia ( Tiesler)
Qualified Health Professionals

“5 months ago I can truly say that since I met Daria my life is different. I was struggling to stay focus , lack of energies and even thou I was training hard I couldn't get much results, my problem was inside , and I didn't know until I met her. She took care of my with passion for her job and this friendly way that I personally love. I feel better now but she's always there to guide me and make sure I'm ok. Now I can say I am happy and I can finally see results of all my efforts in the gym , I have energies, I don't feel sick or tired after eating, bloatness is gone , digestion is perfect I kept thinking how I could have lived so long time like that . I highly recommend her, she's amazing.”

Dr David Morris
Medical Doctor

“I contacted David Morris to get advice on how to optimise living without a thyroid. Our appointment was half an hour by phone. Prior to the appointment I sent him some blood test results - done by my GP. He gave me detailed feedback on my blood test results, including picking up that my cortisol was low, and made a number of recommendations for supplements that I have since purchased. He gave clear and detailed answers to a number of questions that I had prepared before the call. I learnt a lot from our conversation. He is approachable, knowledgeable and explains information clearly, and followed up the appointment with a couple of emails. I will contact him again. ”

Georgia Green
Qualified Health Professionals

“Georgia has an encyclopaedic knowledge of herbs and was able to help me treat several ailments successfully. I found her very understanding and approachable and will definitely use her again. ”

Patricia Cobbett
Experienced patient

“Helpful advice and support. Just what I needed. Many thanks!”

Lily Cumming
Qualified Health Professionals

“For you to understand what an impact Lil has had on my life you need to know that I first started to work with her around Easter in 2013. I was at a point where managing daily life had become increasingly challenging. Treatment with Lil One of the things I love about working with Lil is that she shared her knowledge and explained (in enough detail without losing me) all the choices I had and when she was unable to guide me, she would research or refer me circumstance to one of her colleagues. At first we spoke about how I had got to this point. this included some medical background, some personal information including my emotional past. This shed light on what my body as a whole had been through. Lily worked slowly but effectively with me to begin my healing. This included physical therapy (manipulations) as part of her osteopathy, exercises that I can do at home, dietary considerations and she also provided me with some reading material. This partnership allowed me to feel more knowledgeable, supported and most importantly I started feeling a bit more in control. My healing As a primary school teacher I feet that I had little choice (during term time) to grin and bear the pain; there was marking, lesson planning, parents evenings, staff meetings break duties and many more things that needed to be completed between Monday to Friday. Unable to give any of these responsibilities up I started to give up my hobbies: I found myself only ever being Mrs Bray the teacher and lost sight of Katie. My healing included starting dairy free and gluten-free diet, using homoeopathy to improve the health of my gut, 2 to 3 stretching hold exercises and regular consultations. The frequency of these consultations were led by me therefore never felt obligated or financially tied in. To summarise the effectiveness of Lil’s treatment, advice and on-going care: I can say that I am now physically active, mentally stronger and incredibly happy. My husband and I welcomed our first son into the world in October 2017. We are convinced that Lil ‘is treatment enabled this to happen. Still unsure? If you are asking yourself whether to be treated by Lil the answer is simple – get in touch with her, have a chat and you will be reassured that she can help you better whatever situation you find yourself in. She is a true advocate of healing. I wish all of you good health. ”

Vanessa May
Qualified Health Professionals

“Vanessa helps me to manage my tiredness, cravings, PCOS, heavy painful periods and low mood. Vanessa recommended a combination of dietary changes, substitutions and supplements that I can achieve with a busy family and work life. I now have more energy, my weight has reduced and stabilised - my symptoms have all improved immensely and I feel back in control of my life. ”

Craig Robinson
Experienced patient

“Craig was very empathetic and showed great knowledge and experience. He certainly 'held my hand' just as his profile says! ”

Helga Frost
Qualified Health Professionals

“Helga has been responsive and helpful in working with me to identify what is causing my symptoms and how they can best be treated. I've been really impressed with the time she has taken to review my situation, including blood tests and symptoms, and to give helpful and thoughtful explanations as to the best way forward. She is very knowledgeable indeed. In providing information about where to get various supplements, and in sending me bespoke tinctures and packages, I have been able to start my treatment as soon as possible and that feels very positive. Given the amount of time she has taken to get things right, explain things carefully, and respond to emails in between consultation I think Helga represents excellent value for money and would definitely recommend her. ”

Elaine Paterson
Experienced patient

“I first fell ill 16 years ago. A very nasty throat infection (that was probably glandular fever) turned into months of throat infections and eventually a permanent sore throat and serve fatigue. Visits to my GP, ENT, tonsils removed, then onto an Immunologist, who finally told me "The Epstein Barr virus had likely caused this, leading to CFS. Go home and get on with you life as best you can. There is nothing we can do." This was not a realistic solution for a mother of then 5 year old twins. I was very lucky to find a private GP who was also qualified in Nutritional Medicine. His approach to using supplements, diet and medication when necessary, lead to gradual recovery from leaky gut and candida overgrowth. Ironically all the antibiotics and painkillers that I was fobbed off with had probably made the situation worse. He has now retired. Having been fairly ok for some intervening years, last year a throat infection when I was really run down lead to ongoing fatigue. The last 7 months I have had a constant sore throat and fatigue. After visits to my GP (all they want to do is give me antibiotics) ENT and Gastroenterologist I am no better. Thank goodness I found Elaine. Having given her my history, details of diet and supplements, she took the time to explain what is probably going on and what we can try to help me recover. She really knows her stuff and is easy to talk to and really listens to what you have to say. I am reassured that she is taking a similar approach to the one that worked for me all those years ago. I do not have the knowledge or energy to work out what to do to help myself. Elaine has formed a plan which should lead to recovery. Any questions I have she answers, or does some research if need be. If conventional medicine has not had the answer for you, speak to Elaine and see if her approach can help you too.”

Julie Holliday
Qualified Health Professionals

“Julie is highly professional and able to be there, as needed, despite her lived experience of chronic illness. The Skype sessions work really well when, getting to, having and getting home from an appointment would be difficult. I have been working with Julie for some time, tackling complex issues that were getting in the way of me being able to best manage my physical, and resultant emotional challenges. Julie has gradually and gently allowed me to work through each stage of my journey. She has never ending patience and her compassionate understanding has been reassuring throughout. I have never felt pushed or led, just gently encouraged and validated. At the start of each session I identify celebrations of achievement and then move on to focus on what I need in that moment to move forward. At the end of each session Julie emails notes from the session which include focused strategies to move that next step forward. My work with Julie has been hard, but having the support of someone who understands and validates the limitations of an energy effecting illness alongside the challenges of childhood trauma, has made things so much easier. I hope this helps you decide to see if you will benefit from some sessions with Julie, I’m confident that you will. Skype sessions work well in bed, in PJ’S! ”

Melanie Chilver
Experienced patient

“Lots of practical advice and useful tips. Just what I was looking for. Many thanks!”

Matt Richards
Experienced patient

“I had a really good session with Matt. The fact that he's been through what I'm going through made me feel comfortable, and he was easy to talk to. He also wasn't afraid to say what I didn't want to hear! I really respect that, and it makes his support much more valuable to me. I will definitely be booking more sessions. ”

Angela MacRitchie
Qualified Health Professionals

“I'm so glad I chose Angela as my practitioner. She is knowledgeable and understanding; practical and thorough. She works with me on my goals rather than telling me what she thinks I need. She is a great listener and I'm sure I will benefit hugely from more sessions with her. I am truly delighted with this service”

Michelle Robinson
Qualified Health Professionals

“ I came to Michelle after struggling for years with chronic muscular pain and exhaustion. From the start, I’ve been amazed at how thorough she is. I was so used to being fobbed off by GPs, or having tests and being told I was fine, that to meet someone who understands that my symptoms are real, was such a relief. Interestingly, she was able to help me at first based entirely from my symptoms, with no tests at all. I filled in a detailed set of forms and this was followed by a call in which Michelle carefully went through everything to form a good understanding of the issues. From this, she prescribed various supplements, and some dietary changes. I followed this plan, saw some improvements, and then did some tests, and Michelle tweaked my plan again. The main change I’ve noticed is that my pain so much better. I would say I’m now at the point where most days are pain-free, which is incredible after so many years of suffering. My pain hasn’t disappeared completely, as there are still things which trigger it. But even then, it improves so much more quickly than it ever did before. Last week on holiday, I woke up after the first night with pain in my neck, shoulders and arms, from sleeping on a bed which was too firm. In the past, this would have ruined my whole holiday, and taken days to recover from even after the holiday was over. It would have hurt me to even sit in the car and travel home. Instead, to my amazement, later that day I found myself carrying a rucksack and pushing my son on a swing! This simple activity, that most people take for granted, made me so happy. Before I met Michelle, my secret fear was that I would never be able to do things like this. There were many other every day things such as cooking, dressing my son, and even washing my hair, which were so painful that I had to get help, plan to do them on days when I knew I wouldn’t have to do anything else “difficult”, or simply not do them at all. My quality of life wasn’t fantastic as a result of this: I am naturally independent and hated not being able to do things for myself. I am now able to increase the amount of work I can do, which is also fantastic news. Michelle is so knowledgeable. She’s also a lovely person. She understands the pressures of normal life and doesn’t expect you to live in a cave while you work on this, but she does give honest advice about what you need to do in order to get results. We are still still working on some things - it’s a process, almost like detective work. The pace is partly dictated by what tests you need, and what order it makes sense to do these in. I could probably have done things a bit quicker had I been more organised, but I am happy with the progress we have made as I feel it's gentler on the body to work on things in stages. I am already so much better and am confident things will only get better still the more work we do. In order to get the most out of working for Michelle, you do have to be organised, and make sure you do everything she tells you, in the correct order and at the right times. I simply printed checklists of what I have to take and when, and that makes it easy to remember everything. Additional benefits are that my diet has improved, and I’m loving that. I have even even lost some stubborn weight from my middle which just never shifted before. Working with Michelle has been truly life changing and I totally recommend her.”

Dr Michael Wetzler
Medical Doctor

“Met with Dr. Michael Wetzler this morning. I was previously studying in the UK but had to come home when my ME/CFS progressed. I am starting school in Oxford and wanted to be sure I could find a UK doctor who understands Dr. Myhill's methods and take a similar approach. I'm looking forward to working with this doctor. ”

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