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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are our Practitioners?

You can book appointments with three types of Practitioner through the site:

• Medical Doctors, who are qualified in orthodox medicine in their respective countries of qualification, but who may often take a more naturally oriented view to healthcare.

• Qualified Health Professionals, who are professionals qualified in one or more natural health disciplines, for example Nutritional Therapy, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Homeopathy, NLP.

• Experienced Patients, who may be able to offer you ideas and support based on their own experiences of managing chronic health conditions. They may have walked the same path as you.

What are the benefits for Patients?

• Direct and easy access from your own home to a range of Health Practitioners across the world, offering a naturally orientated approach to healthcare. Different Practitioners may choose to offer natural and / or traditional medicine but there is a bias towards seeking a more natural approach where possible.

• The opportunity to choose the right Practitioner for your own particular health circumstances.

• The opportunity to view previous ratings of Practitioners, as given by other patients.

Where should Practitioners send their proof of ID and address and qualification documents?

After completing the online registration process, practitioners will receive an email detailing what documents are needed and where to send them. Practitioners will be required to provide certified proof of ID and address and copies of qualifications. These should be sent to and can be sent either as scanned copies or photographed copies attached to the email. Once the NHW team has checked this documentation, the Practitioner profile will be activated.

Why is it almost impossible to get a truly independent medical opinion?

In the modern world, Doctors and other Health Professionals within and outside national and other public health services are often unable to given their opinions freely because of a range of budgetary and other constraints. They are sometimes also financially incentivised to offer specific approaches. Doctors in particular are nervous of being sued and can practise defensive or “tick-box” medicine which may not help the patient to reach his / her particular health goals. We believe that the only agenda Doctors and other Health Professionals should be working to is what is in the very best interest of the patient consulting them. This website has therefore been set up to enable patients to consult a range of Practitioners directly and easily to obtain truly independent opinions on their particular health circumstances.

Can I sue someone if I think I have been given bad advice in an appointment booked through the site?

The simple answer is – no. The intention of the site is for you to be able to access a range of medical opinions and ideas which are given in good faith by the respective Practitioners and Experienced Patients on the site. The site has been set up to give you truly independent views and is based firmly on the principle of “no suing”. You should check all opinions or ideas given to you with your own regular health professional and should not rely on advice given to you during appointments booked through this site. Please do not use the site if you are not prepared to abide by this principle. If you think you have been given poor advice then you can post this on the Practitioner's reputation page

Do your health Practitioners only offer a natural approach?

The aim of the site is to facilitate patients to access ideas with a predominantly natural approach to healthcare. However, Medical Doctors on the site may also choose to work through conventional medical approaches, including the prescription of drugs where they feel this is in the patient’s best interests and in accordance with their respective licensing.

Should I tell my regular health practitioner I am having appointments with Practitioners through the website?

Yes – in particular you should always discuss any potential changes to your health approach with your regular health Practitioner before making any such changes.

What if I want to change the time of my appointment after I have booked?

You may change the time of your appointment by logging in and going to the Practitioner's “Appointments” page. You can do this up to 48 hours in advance of the original appointment time.

What if I want to cancel my appointment after I have booked?

Once you have booked your appointment, any cancellations will need to be made directly with the Practitioner with whom you have booked. The Practitioner also needs to deal with any refunds. The website does not offer a facility to cancel an appointment through the site, nor to obtain refunds for cancelled appointments. However, you can change your appointment time up to 48 hours ahead of the scheduled time.

Do you check the qualifications of Practitioners on the website?

For Medical Doctors and Other Health Professionals we ask to see certified evidence of their identities and of any health-related qualifications when they register with the website. We also ensure that the Practitioner’s profile page reflects any qualifications appropriately on registration. Thereafter we ask Practitioners themselves to update their profile pages should anything change and we perform checks on such updates. Experienced Patients are not asked to provide evidence of any qualifications because they do not claim such. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for full information.

Do Experienced Patients have any qualifications to offer opinions?

Experienced Patients can only give opinions based on their first-hand experience of chronic health conditions either as a sufferer or carer. Please ensure you check any suggestions from Experienced Patients with a qualified medical professional, as with all suggestions from Practitioners on the site.

Can I use more than one Practitioner?

Yes – absolutely. The intention of the website is for patients to be able to source a range of opinions to help inform their future health approach. The site is intended to be a marketplace for opinions on which patients can draw.

How can I contact the website?

Please see here for a link to a contact form. We will endeavour to answer your question or enquiry within 48 hours.

I am under 18. Can I make appointments with Practitioners on your site?

No. Only adults are permitted to make appointments with Practitioners through this site. If you are under 18, you may only access Practitioners via this site if you have a parent, guardian or carer who can make and attend the appointment with you.

I live outside the UK. Can I access Practitioners via the site?

Yes. However, you must make yourself aware of any restrictions in accessing the site according to the regulations and law subsisting in your own country and state of residence and you must abide by those restrictions.